Transforming the Audience Space: Seating Wagons

Seating Wagons, Transforming the Audience Space: Seating Wagons

03IMG_5724Seating wagons are an incredibly versatile product, used by many in the Performing Arts and Theatre industry to maximize space. A seating wagon is defined as a movable platform (on wheels or air casters) with fixed audience chairs. This configuration is typically placed on the orchestra pit lift to provide additional audience seating, and moved to storage when not needed.

Ideal for multipurpose spaces, seating wagons are a great solution for maximizing your space for many different needs. Modular equipment allows for increased total capacity when needed, ultimately maximizing space and creating an aesthetic and flexible venue. Seating wagons provide maximum versatility to performance spaces by allowing you to add or remove seating based on you needs for any given event.

Often times an orchestra pit is necessary but, sometimes it’s not.  Seating wagons are a great way to maximize audience capacity when the orchestra pit is not being utilized.  Seating wagons often times store under the stage and are used in conjunction with an orchestra pit lift.  They roll out of storage onto the lift and are then raised up to the audience level to allow for more audience seating.  Take a look at this video to see seating wagons demonstrated in this capacity.

18561 SEATING WAGONSSeating wagons can also store under higher levels of stadium style seating and roll forward to add audience capacity when a larger performance space might not be required.  An example of seating wagons used in this capacity can be seen on our web site.

Staging Concepts has been perfecting our seating wagon design, construction and installation since we installed our first unit over 10 years ago.  Our experienced sales and design teams can help you come up with the most effective solution for your space.  Whether you are in the budgeting phases or are ready to purchase and install, we are happy to help at any point in your process.