Staging Concepts at Performing Arts Managers Conference

Staging Concepts

Last week Staging Concepts had the distinct pleasure of participating in the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) Performing Arts Managers Conference (PAMC) in San Francisco. What a great opportunity to spend quality time with performing arts venue managers to discuss their challenges and opportunities.

Top of mind was creating flexible and professional spaces to keep their historic and iconic venues booked throughout the year. Utilizing a performing arts venue for Broadway shows, lectures, concerts and dance creates a vibrant venue, but also comes with its challenges. Portable staging that fits the space seamlessly, is easy to set up, take down and stores compactly is needed to make performing arts venues flexible and viable.

Some venue managers talked expanding their event space to the outdoors with staging products for festivals, parties and concerts. Having high quality staging, such as the SC90 platform, allows performing arts managers the flexibility and quality required to meet the needs of the venue and their patrons.

Acoustical systems that enhance sound quality for concerts also helps a performing arts venue change from a playhouse one day to a concert venue the next day. Staging Concept’s Bravado acoustical shell stores compactly, sets up easily and can be customized to fit any performing arts space. It was fun showing venue managers a 3D model of our acoustical shell at the show and discussing how the system might create new streams of revenue and enhanced sound quality for their performing arts spaces.

The keynote speaker for the conference was Dr. Joanna Woronkowicz from the University of Indiana. She completed the study entitled, “Set in Stone: Building America’s New Generation of Arts Facilities”. The purpose of the study is meant to help facility managers and facility board members learn from past mistakes and best practices, such as pre-planning, budgeting and creating proper programming for the facilities upon opening.

Overall, the conference was well-attended, included excellent programming and enjoyable networking events. We look forward to taking part in next year’s Performing Arts Managers Conference in San Antonio and seeing how the end users of our products continue to enhance the use of their beautiful spaces!