SC Safety Record At All-Time High

Safety, SC Safety Record At All-Time High

Staying Committed to Safety: SC Safety Record at All-Time High

Safety, SC Safety Record At All-Time HighStaging Concepts takes pride in their ongoing safety initiatives and continues to hold a record high number of days without a lost time incident: 662! OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act)  has been in existence since 1970 and several other safety programs exist to not only protect workers, but also to protect companies.

Staging Concepts’ safety goals and initiatives are far and wide, but have been continually improved and tweaked for better safety monitoring each year. We wanted to give you an idea of things that we do on a regular basis to make Staging Concepts an extremely safe place to work, operate and build.

On a consistent basis, Staging Concepts does the following to keep up with great safety practices:

-Staging Concepts holds monthly safety meetings. At the meetings, the safety committee goes over the previous meeting’s action items, any minor incidents or near misses, and discuss the safety inspection, as well as the action items that need to be addressed for the month.  Every member of the safety committee takes turns doing the safety inspection.

-Staging Concepts has monthly training topics based on OSHA requirements and also provides First Aid, CPR and AED training and certification to select personnel.

-Staging Concepts’ select employees conduct Monday Safety “tool box” talks each week. This keeps safe work practices on the mind of the production employees.

-Staging Concepts’ company picnic theme this year is “Safety is Something to Celebrate! We Take Pride in a Safe Workplace!” The company give away is also safety themed to celebrate over 650+ days accident free in the workplace which is almost unheard of in the industry.

-Production supervisors are also responsible for training their employees on safety in the workplace and to also stay abreast on all OSHA compliance. New hires attend safety orientation on their first day along with more in-depth training with the Sr. Production Supervisor.

-Staging Concepts strives to prevent injuries which includes documenting ALL “near miss” incidents and eliminates the hazard for someone being injured in the future.

-Staging Concepts has implemented Lean in our production process, which has greatly reduced musculoskeletal and slip, trip and fall injuries.

Give us a call (763-533-2094) or email us at if you have any questions or concerns about Staging Concepts’ safety policies!