Rock n’ Rolling Drum Riser

Rolling Drum Riser

Drum risers – not unlike the human metronomes perched on top of them – are a key component to delivering a complete and unforgettable concert experience.  Most drummers in a band (myself included) share a reputation similar to that of hockey goalies.  Often times we’re just a little… different.  Unlike the front man, our natural environment is towards the back of the stage, fortified behind a percussive playground of endless possibilities.  But that certainly does not mean we should be hidden away behind a curtain like the Wizard of Oz.

As one of humanity’s most ancient instruments, the sound of a drum awakens something primitive in all of us.  The visual presence of the drummer on stage is no different.  The elevated drum kit offers an aesthetic appeal that most other instruments do not.  It is an artistic center-piece in itself that comes in an endless variety of shapes and sizes.  And just like any drum kit, investing in the highest quality gear is the same difference as learning paradiddles in your parents’ basement and performing on some of the world’s biggest stages.

The quality of your drum riser is just as important. In my own experience, playing on poorly constructed, unstable drum riser can be an unsettling distraction. Staging Concepts has been designing and manufacturing some of the world’s best drum risers for some of the world’s best drummers for almost 25 years.  A one-size-fits-all approach does not work for a drum riser.  Niel Peart wouldn’t fit on a 6’x6’ drum riser and Gene Krupa had no use for a 10’x12’, so we want to know what you want.  Staging Concept’s drum risers are easy-to-assemble modular systems, so you can have any size you need at any elevation and still be able to pack it into the back of the van after a gig with plenty of time left to enjoy a beer with some fans.  You can even save room in the van by leaving your drum rug at home and having Staging Concepts provide you with carpeted platforms.

Need to backline for multiple bands on a smaller stage?  Staging Concepts manufactures a variety of rolling support frames so you can assemble and tune your kit well before you’re ready to push it into the spotlight.  Our heavy-duty dual-locking casters will make you quickly forget you’re not on a riser that isn’t bolted to the stage floor… even if you’ve got a heavy foot on the kick drum.  And if there’s no need for the mobility of a rolling riser, our fixed- or adjustable-height legs are an easy way to deliver the same experience and quality at half the price.

Additionally, as the owner of a 6’x6’ Staging Concepts drum riser myself, I can personally attest to the fact that the support structure is only half of the equation.  All Staging Concepts drum risers are designed and built using the modular SC90 Platform. The SC90 Platform’s robust aluminum frame construction and 1” thick grade-A plywood floor panel provides a firm foundation under your kit to ensure you’re not sacrificing sound quality for a little altitude.

If you’re serious about drumming, Staging Concepts wants to know what you need so we can help you take your performance to the next level.

Rolling Drum Riser