Platform Pool Covers: An Inside Look

Dance Floor Pool Cover

A platform pool cover is a hard pool cover that will make your special event truly unforgettable. Typically custom-engineered for spaces that hold frequent special events or are require a more permanent solution, a platform pool cover is a more heavy duty option that can create a fantastic setup. Since it is a slightly more heavy-duty application, these types of pool covers are typically used as dance floors or spectacles for special events, versus an everyday pool cover. Our pool covers are commercial grade, and code compliant.

Staging Concepts has supplied a variety of custom designed and engineered pool cover solutions to hotels, resorts, and other aquatic venues. Pool cover applications use our SC90 stage platforms, which are available in a variety of surface options, such as black or gray polyvinyl and clear or translucent acrylic. This application uses a variety of supports, including aluminum pipe legs and bracing and bridge support frames. Staging Concepts has done extensive testing on submerged metal parts and has implemented enhanced coatings, that are applied to withstand the most pool-chemical conditions.

Surface and finish wise, there are a few different options to choose from:

Non-acrylic/hardwood/polyvinyl: This surface option is one that will completely cover the pool, but is not translucent or see-through. Many event spaces use this option for an alternative to an acrylic dance floor or catwalk.

Acrylic: A more popular choice to create a spectacular and stunning space for the guests, acrylic provides a floor or space that is translucent. This creates a glimmering effect, especially in the evening. Acrylic can also be more frosted, or opaque.

Our staff dedicates itself to providing you with superior service. We guarantee all our customers full service in budgeting, custom drawings, manufacturing, project management and installation. Because of this, custom pool cover projects are welcome and encouraged. Even if you have a pool that has elevation changes or terrain difficulties, we can promise to create a fantastic solution for your space.

Check Out a Couple of Examples of Pool Cover Projects:

pool coverOmni Resort and Spa: Carlsbad, California

Clear acyrlic platforms that are shaped to exact dimensions of the pool
Maximizes space for corporate and private events. Click here to read more on this project!



pool cover

Four Seasons Hotel Macau: Macau, China

Clear acrylic pool cover
Platforms reinforced for extra loading
Shaped to exact dimensions for pool, Creates premium event space



Dance Floor Pool Cover

Galaxy Resort: Macau, China

Clear acrylic platforms creates a “walking on water” effect
Designed to be a pool cover runway




Hyatt Regency, St. Louis Missouri

Translucent acrylic platforms allows accent lighting to illuminate through the flooring
Designed to maximize hotel space for weddings and corporate events



pool cover

Wynn Resort & Casino: Las Vegas, Nevada

Polyvinl platforms
Pool cover is setup and taken down quickly and regularly (two hours with four people)
By day, pool is used for hotel guetss. By night, pool cover transforms space for Surrender Nightclub



Evans pool 2 006

Home Pool Cover: Seattle, Washington

Translucent acrylic platforms to allow for pool lighting to illuminate through the flooring
Custom cable-lined guardrail added to provide safety while maintaining unobstructed views