Investing in Portable Staging Equipment

portable staging, Investing in Portable Staging Equipment

by Blake Stromme, Regional Sales Manager

The initial investment incurred in upgrading equipment can be a daunting prospect for production and rental companies, but its benefits far outweigh its costs in terms of easing a company’s workload and saving crucial time in the field.

While crowd control barricades are an essential component of most major events, their heavy weight often overshadows their usefulness in the hands of those responsible for them. Switching from steel barricades to aluminum barricades decreases weight by almost half and setup times up to 20% without compromising any functionality or durability, making them the ideal crowd control solution at any venue.

Upgrading portable platform understructure from individual legs to bridging supports is another attractive option for anyone with a lot to do in a short amount of time. Each support is quickly set up with easy to use snap braces, and can be adjusted on the fly to account for uneven terrain in outdoor use. These bridging supports minimize necessary equipment while simplifying the setup and takedown for multiple stage configurations; in one instance the setup time required for a 40’ x 60’ stage was cut down by 40%, invaluable time saved for those heading the fast-paced production industry.

portable staging, Investing in Portable Staging Equipmentportable staging, Investing in Portable Staging Equipment

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