Enhancing the Sanctuary Space

Sanctuary, Enhancing the Sanctuary Space

By: Blake Stromme, Regional Sales Manager

FCC First ServiceChurches and other places of worship have been a staple in communities for thousands of years, and have continuously evolved into the myriad of spaces and buildings we see today. Whether the services take place in a 15,000 seat megachurch or the basement of a local community center, the typical church layout is strikingly similar to performing arts theaters, with an audience directed to a focal point on the stage.

As with any internal layout that revolves around events, space is limited when dealing with the influx of patrons during large gatherings. For some locations, large events outside of the normal worship schedule happen only a few times per year. The investment in infrastructure to accommodate large numbers of people for only a handful of times per a year is difficult to rationalize financially.  For others, a more permanent structure is both useful and easily justified.

Many churches with established sanctuary layouts have found that demountable, portable risers are a convenient solution to this dilemma. With relatively quick and easy setups, SC90 platforms can be tiered to craft permanent-looking risers that fit into virtually any pre-existing sanctuary space and greatly increase the overall capacity. Between all major occasions, these risers can be removed and stored to allow for the flexibility an active congregation requires.


the church of the holy trinity, consecrated october 2007

Utilizing rented or shared spaces to conduct worship services is an ongoing trend that continues to gain traction amongst congregations. By partnering with local organizations and operating in buildings such as high school gyms and community centers, they have the capability of reaching a greater audience while reducing their financial burden. In the overwhelming majority of these situations, mobile staging is needed to enhance sight lines for the congregation and create a more traditional setting for worship. SC90 platforms and legs provide an ideal balance between durability and portability, ensuring that a church’s stage will be travelling through their community for as long as they do.

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