Enhancing Space with Acoustical Shells

acoustical shells, Enhancing Space with Acoustical Shells

By Sarah Kutzke, Sales Associate

What can an acoustical shell do for you?

Staging-Concepts-Bravado-blogMany performance spaces around the world are equipped with acoustical shells. Acoustical shells project optimum sound quality to the audience as well as to performers on stage. Be it a high school auditorium, performing art center or concert hall, an acoustical shell will delight the ears of performers and audience alike with well mixed, focused sound.

Acoustical shells are composed of two components that can be used together or independently. Towers are units that are free standing from the ground and wrap around the sides and rear of the performance space. Acoustical ceilings or clouds hang above the performance space to keep sound from escaping upwards. Acoustical shells are often packaged with other stage equipment as the clouds are generally suspended from theatrical rigging systems.

Acoustical shells not only add beauty to the space audibly but, they also add beauty to the space visually. From basic painted finish to wood veneer or custom finishes, an acoustical shell can add a lot of character and act as a centerpiece in an otherwise blank space. Acoustical shell finishes can repeat the architecture of the audience chamber on stage or they can shine brightly on their own. Common finishes include painted, plastic laminate or wood veneer. Custom finishes are also available to match your wildest dreams. Dream big! Acoustical shell capabilities and options are endless.

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