Diving Into Custom Installations

Installations, Diving Into Custom Installations

20140331_133300The world of staging and performance sets is constantly evolving to exceed and surprise the audience. It’s how show business has always progressed. With the performance being a constant , sets have become more creatively complex and require the expertise of a knowledgeable and capable installation team to ensure each and every show is the spectacle it was meant to be.

Staging Concept’s team of installers have a wide breadth of knowledge, acquired from their vast past experience. Each one of them has installed every type of stage, ranging from black box seating risers and small pit fillers all the way to rolling performance stages and custom concert stages that take weeks of preparation and planning. Our installation teams know that when one of our stages is set for installation that our customer is expecting a top-of-the-line product with the expert insight that only Staging Concepts can provide.

In the fall of 2015, Staging Concepts began its work renovating the Pete Mathews Coliseum at Jacksonville State University (JSU). Although the existing stadium structure was in good condition, the internal layout needed a revitalized look and feel. David Thompson, Director of Physical Plant at JSU, worked with Staging Concepts throughout the project. While athletic teams were temporarily moved to an alternate location during the renovations, Staging Concepts knew there was a very tight timeline on the project and that they would have to work quickly.

“The team at Staging Concepts and the installation crew that was here was absolutely outstanding. They came down the week before materials were delivered and took a look at the schematics, drawings, and existing conditions. Typical to construction of this magnitude, there will be many small conflicts that must be resolved.  The installation crew, given their experience, was able to identify and address many of these conflicts before the first fastener was installed. If they weren’t as experienced and professional as they were, we certainly wouldn’t have finished when we did,” Thompson said.

9600 install 3 NO F4 2012Not only do projects have to include flawless and timely installations, but they also have to follow a very specific set of guidelines. Michael Wells, President of Xtreme Structures and Fabrication, gives feedback on his experience with a true Staging Concepts installation.

“The staff at Staging Concepts is a true pleasure to work with. Our latest project included an odd shaped pool deck infill on a tight schedule. Not only was the project delivered and completed on time, but it went in without a single problem.  We look forward to future projects and would recommend SC to anyone,” Wells said.

Staging Concept’s installers make sure that every job is completed to meet every customer’s needs. From the smallest project to the largest you can rest assured that your Staging Concepts product will be ready when you need it to ensure that the show goes on!

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