Differentiating Worship Venues: Staging and More

By: Tom Bateman, Sales Manager

Like all venues, the needs of worship center venues are evolving to require more flexibility. There are many types of worship facilities and they can all benefit from flexible staging in one way or another.

There are mobile churches that rely on their communities for places to gather. Mobile churches might set up in a school gymnasium or a movie theater before regular business hours. These types of churches depend on lightweight, durable staging equipment to move in and out of that week’s worship space to ensure their patrons have proper sight lines.

There are mega churches that have grown so large they have moved into vast warehouses. These churches often times have integrated advanced technology and music into their services but could greatly benefit from a flexible seating riser that is custom made for their space- such as a seating riser that isn’t fixed to the building, so it can grow and move with the church as they grow and move.

There are traditional churches that are being used for exactly what they were built to do but could benefit from a flexible platforming to extend the stage for a Christmas play, cover a baptismal fountain, elevate a band for an outdoor summertime fundraiser, or just elevate the drummer on a Sunday service.

More often we are also seeing historical churches that would like to put a fresh spin on their services, however, cannot manipulate the venue if they want to keep its historical status. For these types of venues, we have made custom stages to go over the existing stage to alter the layout without impacting the original structure. We work with the church to select custom finishes to ensure the new flexible stage looks as close to the original as possible.

No matter what type of venue your church is, Staging Concepts offers a full range of products and complimentary consulting to help you elevate your performance.