Design Services – Working With Budgets

Design Services

By: Christina Shelton

It is very common to have clients who need staging equipment, pool covers, risers, orchestra equipment or design services that are working with a tight budget.

Budgets provide a unique opportunity to work with someone on multiple solutions to achieve the right equipment for the right price. Staging Companies have teams set in place to provide coordination and design services for each individual. There are always multiple design solutions for every project. The best solution is chosen by the client after being presented with the multiple solutions along with the estimate for each.

In some cases the customer will know only the size of the space and the concept for the space. A great staging team can quickly assess the needs of the project and the budget to put together ideas that will perform to the highest expectations. The client should always have the opportunity to choose materials and designs that will fit both the space and budget, whether the project is a seating riser, orchestra pit, seating and sound wagons, acoustical shells or pool covers.

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