5 Ways to Make Your Event Epic

, 5 Ways to Make Your Event Epic

When it comes to event setups, there are more opportunities for creativity and customization than you may think. Thanks to the hard work of engineers and designers, staging equipment continues to evolve with the times – creating more and more avenues for artistic expression, multi-purpose functionality, and guest enjoyment and inclusion.


At Staging Concepts, we supply staging equipment to clients across the country and beyond, providing custom solutions and quality equipment for a wide range of commercial entertainment needs. From NCAA events to concerts and conferences, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the unique ways staging equipment may be adapted to suit each event.


To show how we can elevate your experience, we’ve taken the time to highlight significant staging applications and solutions that serve to bolster your event and take it to the next level of guest experience and enjoyment.


1. Make Your Entertainers Feel Comfortable

A good guest experience starts by ensuring that the performers or speakers are comfortable in their surroundings. If the staging products you’ve implemented make for a clunky endeavor for the entertainer, it will show. The visitors will recognize this as a lack of preparation or management and potentially have a lesser enjoyable experience.


2. Opt for Customized Equipment If Possible

The right staging equipment will do two things for your event: 1) enable opportunities for creativity while 2) providing optimum functionality. Make sure that the supplier you go with has the capability and staff support to properly design, manufacture, and deliver all components. Staging products can be customized, maximizing your ability to reconfigure the layout to please the performers and guests. We encourage customers to take advantage of customized solutions as we know each venue is different. 


3. Don’t Forget About Visual Appeal

Speaking of custom and creative event setups, visual appeal is another factor to consider. Some ideas include round stages, modular platform applications, and additional risers for musicians. A uniquely built VIP booth can also take your event to the next level, creating a hospitable, unforgettable experience for guests who are looking to have an unforgettable experience.

What’s more, when a stage and seating arrangement is properly implemented, the visitor’s gaze is automatically directed to the entertainer or event leader. This is a subtle—but vital—quality of stage design that people may not realize. That is, when staging visuals are designed and set up appropriately and match any existing structure, the look is seamless.


4. Use Staging to Your Advantage  

Setups for concert events and worship settings may include a plethora of client-supplied theater value – lighting, sound equipment, etc. But without adequate staging to complement and support these elements, the show goes nowhere.

Some questions to consider: How may the stage be set up to avoid audio and visual interference? Are cords and cables easily run through the products without being an eyesore or interrupting functionality? Will a catwalk need to be installed? We’re happy to work through any other considerations or concerns with you.


5. Ensure Your Event May Be Enjoyed by Everyone

Few matters are more important to the success of your event than inclusivity. You may not only need handicap access points, specially designed rails, and ramps – you also need to plan to have enough of those elements to meet ADA requirements. For example, your setup should include at least 1% of the available seats reserved for individuals with disabilities.

But beyond that, we find it vital to provide an enjoyable experience for all patrons. It’s not just about being federally compliant; it’s about addressing the specific needs of your guests in such a way that they feel welcome and have the same potential for enjoyment as everyone else. When you put your guests first in your planning and staging product setups, you nourish positive values and create a better atmosphere for all involved individuals.


Curious to Learn More? Reach Out to Staging Concepts Today

The atmosphere of a theater, concert hall, stadium or any other live event should reflect careful considerations and management’s guest-first values. And bringing an event from entertaining to epic starts with having the right staging products. We pride ourselves in the modular potential of our stage equipment and are more than happy to assist clients with customized solutions to their venue needs.

At Staging Concepts, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your vision becomes a reality and that the entire scope of your project receives the attention-to-detail it deserves. Assembling our custom stage products requires no tools and are designed to efficiently meet the demands of your production. Connect with us online or give us a call to get started.