Yunlin County Cultural Center

Photo Credit: Paichia Construction
Project Overview
Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Customer: Paichia Construction

To meet the demands of a growing perming arts audience and provide an elegant face lift to a favored setting, the Yunlin County Cultural Center went under a major renovation in the fall of 2021. The venue, which holds more than 920 seats, hosts numerous theatrical and musical performances throughout the year, and requires a durable and amplified acoustic setting for each performance.

In order to enhance the experience at Yunlin County Cultural Center, a mid-size performing arts facility built more than 30 years ago, Paichia Construction turned to Staging Concepts to incorporate a Bravado® Acoustical Shell system.

“Our previous project with Staging Concepts, at the Taichung Metropolitan Opera House, had been a pleasant experience with positive feedback from the client,” said Powel Huang of Paichia Construction. “That’s the main reason we chose to work with them again.”

Staging Concepts’ acoustical shells are designed to perform to the highest standards in quality, durability, and visual appeal. The Bravado is the epitome of acoustical shells as it is highly customizable, featuring elegant mobile towers and ceiling panels that collaborate to form a resounding performance space.

The Bravado shell at Yunlin County Cultural Center includes four acoustical towers, two triple-radius ceiling rows, and one flying rear wall. Audience members and stage performers will equally benefit from this dependable acoustic setting due to the sophisticated panel construction of the Bravado. During the design process, the shape and layout of the acoustical shells were optimized to provide the best acoustic performance setting.

In addition to installing the acoustical shell, the rigging and audio systems were also upgraded at the Yunlin County Cultural Center. With its renovations and beautifully designed acoustical shell, the space is well-prepared to host multiple performances for many years.

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