United Palace of Spiritual Arts

Project Overview
Location: New York City, NY
Customer: Yorke Construction
Architect/ Consultant: Gensler Architecture

Manhattan’s United Palace of Spiritual Arts is a transformational venue where spirituality, art, entertainment and community unite. Since opening in 1930, the building has undergone numerous reinventions, from a movie theater and vaudeville hall to a non-denominational church and performing arts center. Today, the venue hosts hundreds of events each year, including spiritual gatherings and movie screenings as well as live performances by some of the world’s biggest names in music, dance and theater. It has also been featured in countless films due to its well-preserved historic ambiance. Maintaining the integrity of the venue was a top priority for the building’s latest remodel. With that in mind, Trex Commercial leveraged its custom capabilities to seamlessly integrate new railing and staging applications with the building’s architecturally significant structure. By combining ADA compliant platform infills from sister company Staging Concepts with specially designed picket railing featuring custom scrollwork, filigree and medallions, Trex Commercial created accessible systems for wheelchair users that updated the space while preserving its original aesthetics.

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