The Theatre School at DePaul University

  • Sondra & Denis Healy Black Box Theatre
  • Fullerton Stage
  • Fullerton Stage Under View
  • Undersite Fullerton
The Theatre School at DePaul University
Project Overview
Location: Chicago, IL
Customer: W.E. O’Neil
Architect/ Consultant: Cannon Design, Schuler Shook

The Theatre School at DePaul University made its debut in the fall of 2013. Boasting the Fullerton Stage, a 250-seat thrust theatre, as well as the Sondra & Denis Healy Theatre, a 100-seat black box theatre, the school was fully ready to support and showcase the creative and academic work of its community.

As a result of the collaboration between Staging Concepts, Schuler Shook and DePaul University, Staging Concepts was able to customize a state-of-the-art stage trap for the Fullerton Stage. The stage trap design incorporates adjustable beams and a column support structure that allows for varying elevations of platforms and numerous configurations.

“The combination of automated line sets, catwalk systems and the fully trapped stage deck is an amazing new tool for students and staff to work with,” said Chris Hofmann, Director of Production for the Theatre School at DePaul University. “Our staff looked for equipment that would best coordinate with our existing inventory and provide the greatest amount of flexibility.”

The newfound flexibility of the stage allows for students to construct the perfect arrangement for any performance. Along with the custom-designed system for the Fullerton Stage, Staging Concepts also designed a flexible seating riser and mezzanine system that could be rearranged into eight different seating configurations for the Sondra & Denis Healy Black Box Theatre.


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