St. Croix Central High School

St. Croix Central High School
Project Overview
Location: Hammond, WI
Customer: LVH Entertainment
Architect/ Consultant: Auerbach / Wold Architects and Engineers

Staging Concepts provided a beautiful acoustical shell for the multi-purpose community theater at the St. Croix Central High School in Hammond, WI. To construct this theater’s shell system, seven acoustical towers and three ceiling rows were used. Multiple concerts are hosted at St. Croix Central High School throughout the year, therefore a supreme acoustic setting was needed.

“There are roughly 15 concerts per school year where the school’s (theater) is utilized,” said Randall Pfeifer, Auditorium Manager at St. Croix Central High School. “For the 2018-2019 school year, use will be even greater.”

The Bravado acoustical shell is typically selected for grand spaces that require a full stage acoustical shell system. Its mobile towers, comprised of movable panel wings that lock into place, make it easy for anyone to maneuver. Complete with sleek casters and a convenient wheeled mover, it’s simple and efficient to move the acoustic panels on and off stage, and to storage if needed. The wheeled mover features a T-shaped handle and is constructed of tri-casters allowing for easy positioning.

Due to the frequent use of the community theater at St. Croix Central High School, the Bravado being both durable and lightweight, was the right choice for this space. “The shell is a great addition to our facility,” says Pfeifer, “and we are very fortunate to have it as part of our concert infrastructure.” With the Bravado acoustical shell systems from Staging Concepts, vibrant sounds will resonate within any performing arts venue.


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