Smith Center for the Performing Arts

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Smith Center for the Performing Arts
Project Overview
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Customer: The Smith Center
Architect/ Consultant: David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc. / Fisher Dachs Associates

In the spring of 2012, the Smith Center for the Performing Arts opened in downtown Las Vegas. Officially breaking ground in May 2009, construction of the $470 million performing arts facility took 32 months to complete. Staging Concepts played a significant role in the project, designing and constructing numerous complex staging structures for two of the three theaters within the venue. In the Reynolds Hall, a 2,050 seat proscenium theater, Staging Concepts provided a 55’x20′ stage trap made of SC90 Platforms, along with a custom beam and support structure that accommodated for an increased load rating. In the same hall, Staging Concepts also provided a 75′ wide orchestra pit, made up of SC90 Platforms and SC9600 understructure, which was stacked to achieve an overall height of 16′.  In another space, the Cabaret Jazz Club, Staging Concepts constructed a 24’x15′ stage with a 30″ fixed height and custom closure panels. The surface consisted of a maple Tongue and Groove surface. Overall, the addition of the Smith Center has contributed greatly to the stirring entertainment atmosphere that exists in Las Vegas. The project required over 2,600 construction workers and 25+ architects, engineers, and consultants to build.

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