San Diego Padres – Petco Park

Photo Credit: Tom Bateman – Staging Concepts
Project Overview
Location: San Diego, CA
Customer: San Diego Padres

At Staging Concepts, we’re all about enhancing the experience. For players, performers, viewers, fans – everyone in attendance regardless of their role. We recently enhanced the fan experience at Petco Park by installing a VIP Platform Infill. This infill for the San Diego Padres was installed to change the rise and run of the current stadium to create larger tiers for a VIP experience for their fans.

To complete the installation, we provided Weathertec® platforms* and custom acrylic guardrails with anodized aluminum. Our specialty Weathertec® platforms will help create a high end, aesthetically appealing look for the stadium, while be weather resistant. The custom guardrails were engineered to support TVs, so this adds to the overall professional, innovative look of the enhanced VIP experience at Petco Park.

(*As of 2019, the Weathertec® platform is no longer in production or available for sale.)



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