Round House Theatre

  • Round House Theatre photo
Photo Credit: Round House Theatre
Project Overview
Location: Bethesda, MD
Customer: Round House Theatre
Architect/ Consultant: Kamm Architecture/Charcoal Blue/JM Zell Partners

Round House Theatre, in Bethesda, MD, went under a major renovation last summer. What started as an intent to improve theater acoustics, transformed into a complete theater renovation – beginning at the box office and going all the way to the back corner of the stage.

To help create an instant and memorable experience for the audience, Staging Concepts developed a custom multi-configurable stage trap and seating system. Round House’s new thrust stage allows theater directors and designers more flexibility for both large and small audiences. The layout provides no barrier between the audience and performers, making it a more intimate setting for all, regardless of their seat number.

A combination of custom curved SC90 platforms, closure panels, SC90 legs, and Relia beams and columns make up the stage trap. While it can be challenging to build a multi-configurable system over a trap, we considered the space under the trap to allow as much clearance as possible for the theater to work with. Plus, we provided enough equipment to satisfy multiple configurations as laid out by the theater consultant.

Keeping usability in mind, we were able to cater our system to the design intent and help give Round House Theatre an engaging atmosphere for all future performances.


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