Pablo Center at the Confluence

  • Pablo Center at the Confluence
  • Pablo Center at the Confluence
  • Pablo Center at the Confluence
Photo Credit: Mike Howard Photography
Project Overview
Location: Eau Claire, WI
Customer: LVH Entertainment Systems
Architect/ Consultant: Strang Architecture / Schuler Shook Theatre Consultants

The RCU Theatre at the Pablo Center at the Confluence recently had beautifully crafted, custom acoustical shells installed. This broadway style theatre in Eau Claire, WI holds more than 1,200 audience members and hosts a variety of performances including dance, music, concerts, opera, and theatre.

To design these custom shells and create an overall elegant ambiance, the entire theater’s layout was taken into consideration. One of the most custom features about this acoustical shell is its color. In most performing art venues, the shell color is a neutral tone, like tan, brown or a shade of white. But the Pablo Center went completely new and chose blue.

Staging Concepts worked diligently to ensure the blue shell (which was custom designed by the Pablo’s team) would provide a welcoming, engaging, and uplifting theatrical atmosphere. In the end, blue shell towers and ceiling panels were used throughout the entire RCU Theatre – from the back of the stage all the way to the last row of seating. Its design will captivate the audience and truly make them feel part of the show.

Here at Staging Concepts, we are always inspired by new ideas, new layouts, and now new colors. The breathtaking acoustics at the Pablo Center at the Confluence is sure to provide a performance packed full of melody and harmony, and an acoustic setting appealing to both the audience and performers.


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