Oasis Church

  • Oasis Church Wide View
  • Oasis Church Stage
  • Oasis Staging 2
  • Oasis Staging close up
  • Oasis Church Stage
Photo Credit: Oasis Church
Project Overview
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Customer: Flexstage
Architect/ Consultant: Visioneering Studios

This historic, majestic building sits beautifully in the hubbub of Los Angeles, CA. For this unique project, the main goal was to customize staging equipment that would expand the staging and railing in the building without sacrificing any of the original historical elements of the church. Without making any changes to the original structure, Staging Concepts built custom laminate wood surfaced platforms to be expanded over and upon the original church stage.  The glass, stainless steel railings on the upper balcony level allow for unobstructed sight lines. This custom church staging is a great example of Staging Concepts’ capabilities!


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