Northrop Auditorium

Northrop Auditorium
Project Overview
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Customer: Northrop Auditorium

Staging Concepts was pleased to assist in the renovation of one of Minnesota’s most valued theaters: The Northrop Auditorium. The landmark has been used for over 85 years for concerts, dance performances, lectures and graduations- but deserved a restoration effort that would keep its facilities able to accommodate all groups that utilize the multi-purpose space. After three years of renovating, the theater reopened in March of 2014. Staging Concepts was given the task of creating a seating wagon for the revitalized space.


Two large sections were build, which made up the large rolling seating wagons. Wagons are movable on casters and tracks, which allows the venue to transform the space and put the wagons in either storage mode or performance mode by rolling the unit off of the pit lift. The first unit acts as a whole, movable section- but the second unit is broken up due to their larger size. These must be brought up onto the main stage and rolled away to a separate location for storage.


For times when the seating wagon units are not in use or in storage, Staging Concepts installed a pit filler platform system to be put in place, which allows the  second row of seating wagons to create a leveled orchestra pit area. Staging Concepts also provided sound mix platforms, which are used to fill in the space that is needed for sound mix equipment utilized by different performers and groups.

Staging Concepts was able to utilize their custom designs to create a space that is highly configurable, mobile and versatile.

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