NCAA 2019 Scores Big in Our Home Town

  • NCAA Final Four 2019 in Minneapolis, MN
  • NCAA Final Four 2019 in Minneapolis, MN
  • NCAA Final Four 2019 in Minneapolis, MN
Photo Credit: Staging Concepts
Project Overview
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Customer: NCAA Final Four

For the 2019 NCAA Men’s Final Four, the tournament took place in Staging Concepts’ home town – Minneapolis, MN. We were honored to have our city host this annual national championship and share our city, and rather new stadium, with the entire US.

The venue (US Bank Stadium) for this year’s tournament may have been new, but Staging Concepts certainly was not new to the game. In fact, since 2008 we’ve supplied vital equipment to every NCAA Men’s Final Four. You might even call us a star player in this collegiate tournament.

For this year’s championship game, Staging Concepts supplied seating risers and the sub-structure for the basketball court. Because the 2019 NCAA took place at US Bank Stadium, home to the Minnesota Vikings football team, there was a lot of vacant field space to use. In order to provide more seating on the field and close to the court, approximately 5,600 platforms were installed. Most of these platforms were used to support about 18,755 seats, while the rest were used to support the basketball court (about 20,000 square feet).

Designing for an event like this takes months of planning. But the skilled engineers at Staging Concepts were on it from the start. In fact, some of our team members are even working on designs for future NCAA tournaments at other sports facilities. For all past, present, and future NCAA tournaments, Staging Concepts is honored to be the number one pick.


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