Mobile Stage Rolls into Mission Ballroom

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Photo Credit: Staging Concepts
Project Overview
Location: Denver, CO
Customer: AEG Live

Staging Concepts contributed to the construction of the new Mission Ballroom by building a SC2003 rolling stage for the live entertainment venue. Just weeks after the new concert venue opened in Denver, CO, the rolling stage, and equipment provided by accompanying manufacturers, has received a lot of attention from headliner performers and their audiences. Between its opening and the end of 2019, 80 shows have been booked. Mission Ballroom is said to change the concert experience for all of Denver.

The rolling stage Staging Concepts built was 40’ x 60’ and can be made smaller to accommodate different event sizes. A rolling stage offers flexibility and convenient transport for Mission Ballroom as one of their objectives was to have a mobile stage.

The SC2003 rolling stage provided a sleek, efficient solution to cater the space to house 3,500 guests or just a few hundred – all while still providing the feel of a venue with a full occupancy. No matter the audience size, the venue will always look to host a full house because you cannot see behind the stage.

In addition to the rolling stage, drum risers and custom speaker shelves were provided by Staging Concepts. The drum risers are used throughout Mission Ballroom and the custom speaker shelves hang off the front of the stage for optimal sound to resonate within the venue. Plus, after the initial installation of this equipment, Staging Concepts added another 20’ x 60’ non-rolling thrust to the rolling stage, so it could be 60’ x 60’ overall.

Staging aside, Mission Ballroom features several giant murals from local artists, making it a space to showcase a range of art and talent. Be sure to check out this unique, highly visually aesthetic, and sound appealing environment the next time you’re in Denver.


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