Hancher Auditorium

Photo Credit: Bill Adams, Bil Adams Photos
Project Overview
Location: Iowa City, IA
Customer: Texas Scenic Company
Architect/ Consultant: OPN Architects / Mortenson

When the University of Iowa’s Hancher Auditorium was devastated by the historic flooding of 2008, it was the beginning of an eight-year road to recovery. In 2016, Staging Concepts provided theatrical wagons and a black box seating riser system for Hancher Auditorium in Iowa. The auditorium features a variety Staging Concepts seating wagons and platforms.
A seating wagon is a movable platform (on wheels or a track) with fixed audience chairs. Seating wagons are placed on the orchestra pit lift to provide additional audience seating, and moved to storage when not needed.

This flexible theater design allows for premium seating to be moved in and out of storage for specific performances. When not in use, the chair wagons travel on demountable V-groove tracks which allows them to move onto the pit lift and below the stage for storage. The adjacent orchestra pit seat wagons travel on tri-casters to easily navigate into storage.

Along with the orchestra wagons, Staging Concepts also supplied a sound cockpit wagon which allows additional seating to be moved into place when the cockpit is not being utilized.The rehearsal room was supplied with a variety of SC90 Platforms, legs, and railings to accommodate the flexible space needed for the performers.


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