Enjoy San Diego’s “Park at the Park” Concert Stage

  • Petco Park Concert Stage
  • Petco Park Concert Stage
Photo Credit: Staging Concepts
Project Overview
Location: San Diego, CA
Customer: Petco Park

Petco Park’s level of entertainment has extended beyond just hosting baseball games with its newly constructed outdoor concert stage. While the ballpark is home to the San Diego Padres and constantly thriving with lively baseball fans, the stadium will now also attract patrons outside of the typical baseball fan and season ticket holder.

The 64’ x 28’custom concert stage at Petco Park, provided by Staging Concepts, is durable, modular, and highly adjustable to change for various concert needs over time. Because all concerts and performers have different stage requirements, this custom system was designed to be flexible and accommodating for multiple setups. Plus, the included roof system provides suitable overhead coverage for those on stage.

This new concert venue at Petco Park is known as the “Park at the Park” and is sure to provide grand entertainment for years to come. And because this is all happening at the San Diego Padres’ baseball stadium, we’d call that an epic grand slam.


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