Edmonton Commonwealth Stadium

Edmonton Commonwealth Stadium
Project Overview
Location: Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
Customer: Edmonton

Benefitting Commonwealth Stadium and its powerhouse Canadian Football League, Staging Concepts provided an innovative new seating riser system that enhances the spectator experience. Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta is home to the 2015 CFL champions.


Stadium seats in two main sections (total size of each section being about 1,790 square feet) were permanently removed for the 2016 season and replaced with a customized version of Staging Concepts’ all-aluminum SC97 platform system. By implementing these specialized viewing decks, the physical “assigned” space for a single spectator was increased from around 4.5 square feet to an average of 8 square feet. For each of the upgraded seating sections, where there used to be around 300 tightly packed seats, there are now seven levels of completely open viewing decks measuring an average of 5.5 feet wide x 44 feet long. And far short of making any sort of labor-intensive renovations, the concrete tiers where the seats once stood are now simply covered by custom-fit modular platforms constructed using high-strength, weather-resistant structural aluminum.


The platforms were secured along the rear with minimally invasive wall anchors, and the support structure reinforced in such a way as to match the strength and stability of the poured concrete tiers upon which they stand. Along the front of each of these new open fan sections stands a sleek, custom- designed and reinforced railing system with a built-in continuous drink rail along the top.

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