East Texas Symphony Orchestra

Photo Credit: Bryan Stewart
Project Overview
Location: The Cowan Center at The University of Texas, Tyler
Customer: East Texas Symphony Orchestra (ETSO)
Architect/ Consultant: Alec Stoll, Stages Consultants

UT Tyler Cowan Center, the home of the East Texas Symphony Orchestra, recently received the latest Bravado Acoustical Shell from Staging Concepts.  The state-of-the-art system consists of mobile towers and ceiling panels that align to form a resounding, attractive performance space that will enhance the audience and performer experience.


To rectify the two primary issues – the need for more storage and better acoustics – the venue at the University of Texas, Tyler and the ETSO needed to utilize the skills of multiple experts. To coordinate the effort, they chose Alec Stoll of Stages Consultants to be the theatre consultant on the project, ultimately leading the project by facilitating the teams necessary to both design and install the acoustical shell. The team led by Stages Consultants, which included Staging Concepts, required the expertise of the Symphony, the Cowan Center and the University of Texas, Tyler.


Stoll proposed a unique solution for the space hindrances in the venue; an acoustical shell that would utilize fly space, leaving more room for other groups to store materials behind the stage and relieving the venue of any concerns about backstage impact.


The Bravado™ Acoustical shell provides an attractive background that highlights the performers to the audience. The acoustical shell is made up of curved, reflective surfaces which are designed to reflect the sound energy produced in multiple directions.  Reflected sound energy is blended and focused towards the audience, enhancing their listening experience.  The performers also benefit from the acoustical shell enclosure.  The integrated shell lighting allows adequate light to see their music and surrounding area, while the reflective attributes of the shell allow the musicians to hear their fellow performers and make adjustments.


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