BAM Harvey Theatre

  • Bam Harvey Theatre
  • Bam Harvey Theatre Side View
  • Bam Harvey Theatre Big Screen
  • Bam Harvey Theatre Full
Photo Credit: E. Kaufman Harvey/Elliott Kaufman Photography
Project Overview
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Customer: Brooklyn Academy of Music
Architect/ Consultant: Auerbach-Pollock-Friedlander

Known for its creative shows, innovative programs and captivating performances, the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) has been engaging both global and local communities for more than 150 years. Staging Concepts was fortunate to be a part of the renovation of this historic landmark in 2012, providing the venue with a custom stage and seating riser.

The removable seating riser allows the venue to host events on a flat floor surface, but it also has the capability for configuration into a proscenium theatre with a permanent look and feel. The platforms were customized to perfectly fit the space, and are constructed with a solid design.



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