ASU Installs Large Stage for 2019 Graduation

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Photo Credit: Jayson Adamsen (Rhino Staging)
Project Overview
Location: Tempe, AZ
Customer: Rhino Staging, LLC

To better maximize the time and money spent on their entertainment and graduation stages, the staff at Arizona State University (ASU) purchased a large portable staging solution from Staging Concepts. The university, located in Tempe, AZ, frequently hosts several events throughout campus, and therefore requires a lot of durable, easy to use stage equipment. Previously the university would rent staging equipment as needed, but as more events were scheduled, including the graduation for the class of 2019, purchasing the equipment was deemed a better fit. Not only does this save on cost, but now that they can store equipment on campus, they can save on time, avoid lead times, and focus their energy on preparing for each event.

For the 2019 graduation ceremony, a 40’ x 40’ stage was purchased and constructed. This staging system included 100 SC90® Platforms, 72 SC9600 bridge supports, 30 IBC rails, four adjustable stair units, and storage carts. By using SC9600 supports to bridge together multiple platforms for the extensive graduation stage, this greatly reduced the installation time for ASU.

With the vast amount of purchased equipment now at ASU, their team can quickly and efficiently setup multiple stages for multiple events hosted on campus.


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