American Players Theater

American Players Theater
Project Overview
Location: Spring Green, WI
Customer: Kraemer Brothers
Architect/ Consultant: Schuler Shook

American Players Theatre in Spring Green, Wisconsin is in the middle of renovating their existing Hill Theatre. Since 1980, American Players Theatre has performed classics in their open-air amphitheater nestled off the beaten path accessible via a ¼ mile stroll through the beautiful surrounding woods. Staging Concepts engineered and installed a trap spanning 18’x33’ across the majority of the stage. One of the unique aspects of this design is that each individual unit can be removed without affecting adjacent sections using Staging Concepts Relia Beam. This way, if one piece needs to be removed to accommodate scenery, the crew saves valuable time avoiding reconfiguring the entire understructure. American Players Theatre does not cancel a performance unless the actors cannot be heard over the rain or the audience is in danger so their entire theatre must be able to stand up to the elements; the trap was built using marine-grade plywood.

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