A ReSOUNDing Experience at Meymandi Concert Hall

  • Meymandi Concert Hall at Duke Energy Center
  • Meymandi Concert Hall at Duke Energy Center
Photo Credit: Staging Concepts
Project Overview
Location: Raleigh, NC
Customer: J. W. Poole Construction
Architect/ Consultant: Caidus Design

Meymandi Concert Hall at Duke Energy Center recently updated their performing art center – creating an appealing environment that is sure to captivate the entire audience’s attention. This newly renovated acoustical shell in Raleigh, NC features four custom, permanent acoustical shell ceilings. These ceiling panels, also known as canopies, were designed with integral lights to create ambient lighting and overall a pleasing atmosphere within the theater.

Renovating the Meymandi Concert Hall was a unique project for Staging Concepts. Why is that? Well, the entire structure required customized designs – from the perimeter steel trusses to the curved wood panels that attach to the support structure. Even though including an acoustical ceiling wasn’t done during the initial construction of Duke Energy Center’s theater, this permanent acoustic ceiling was always intended to be installed. Now the theater is complete and ready to go. And as a result, the Meymandi Concert Hall looks better than ever, and elegantly projects sound throughout the entire theater.

Without the newly installed acoustic ceiling, sound would unfortunately project upward out of the stage and performance area, and inevitably into the venue’s ceiling. But this carefully designed acoustical shell now properly projects sound into the audience for a pleasing and complete listening experience.

The next time you’re in Raleigh, NC, stop by the Meymandi Concert Hall and take a listen.


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