Photo Credit: Pyramid Staging & Events
Project Overview
Location: Seattle, Washington
Customer: Pyramid Staging & Events

Using a combination of Staging Concepts platforms, supports, guardrails, and stair units, Pyramid Staging & Events was able to quickly setup, take-down and reconfigure stages for 3 different instances during the 2014 NFC Playoff Game, and the infamous Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Championship celebration rally. On the glorious Century Link Field, Pyramid Staging worked with Staging Concepts to provide the venue with a 2-tiered stage and thrust for the Macklemore/Ryan Lewis Half-Time Show.

The stage was created with 15 4’x8′ platforms, and incorporated rolling hardware to accommodate the needs of the performers and venue staff. After the game was finished, Pyramid Staging was tasked with supplying a rolling stage comprised of Staging Concepts decks, which was utilized for the notorious championship trophy ceremony. The stage was created in pieces of two, to ensure that the field was not damaged when rolling. Some of the Seahawks, including Russell Wilson (QB), joined Coach Pete Carroll and owner, Paul Alle, to receive the NFC Championship Trophy on this larger stage.

On the 2nd day, several thousand passionate fans gathered in the pouring rain to cheer on the Seattle Seahawks after their win of the NFC Playoff against the Forty Niners. Staging Concepts created a large stage, using 28 4’x8′ decks, and placed a canopy over it. The stage had to be built on a slanted concrete and grass area.