Uplift® Stage

Let your stage do the work with Staging Concepts’ new and improved UPLIFT Stage!

Uplift StageThe design of the Uplift allows you to move your platforms up and down with no manual labor or lifting. This revolutionary platform is a scissor stage that is raised and lowered with an electric drill, allowing you and your team to setup your venue quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of effort. Most importantly, the Uplift can be designed to stop at any number of points. The Uplift can be built into custom shapes and sizes to meet the needs of your venue, eliminating any storage requirements or hours of assembly time for setup and take down. This product is compatible with all Staging Concepts’ standard accessories, such as skirting, closure panels and guardrail. Made in the USA, lead-times for Uplift are short and installation is easy since the Uplift is fully supported by Staging Concepts’ technicians and engineering staff.

Patented Product

*The Uplift was designed for permanent installation only.


Standard Sizes:
3’ x 8’ (0.92 m x 2.44 m)
4’ x 8’ (1.22 m x 2.44 m)
Custom sizes and shapes


Loading: 150psf



Standard Features:
• No lifting requirements – drill operated!
• Permanent anchoring
• Smooth transition in around 1 minute
• Compatible with all Staging Concepts accessories (guardrail, skirting, etc.)


Maximum height with an 8’ long platform: 47” (without shims)
Minimum Height with an 8’ long platform: 11” (without shims)

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Uplift® Stage Photos

  • Uplift Stage Scissor Lift
  • Uplift Stage Delrin Wheel
  • Uplift Stage Wheel
  • Uplift Stage Vertical
  • Uplift Stage Raised
  • Uplift Stage Collpased
Uplift® Stage