SC2003 Rolling Stage

The SC2003 Rolling Stage has a retractable caster assembly so that it can roll across a flat floor while completely assembled. The stage consists of a support structure and three 4′x8′ SC90 Platforms, creating an 8′x12′ area. Multiple rolling stages can bridge SC90 Platforms to create a larger performance area. When not in use, the support frames can be used as a deck storage. Customization available upon request.

The SC2003 Rolling Stage understructure is used with SC90 and SC97 Platforms, and is designed to permit bridging of platforms between supports, and complies with the following:

  • Adjustable heights: 36 inch – 50 inch (914mm – 1270mm) and 48 inch – 72 inch (1219mm – 1829mm). Inquire for custom height adjustability.
  • Adjust course height by 4 inch (102mm) increments using a 5/8 inch (16mm) locking pin. Allow 3 inches (76mm) additional fine height adjustment through use of integral acme thread adjustable screw foot
  • Capable of being erected without use of tools.
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SC2003 Rolling Stage Photos

  • SC2003 Set up
  • SC2003 Stand alone
  • SC2003 Storage position
SC2003 Rolling Stage