Relia Beam

Staging Concepts’ Relia Beam is the latest in staging understructure systems. Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum, this system is light weight, offers few moving parts and is extremely durable. Relia Beam offers flexibility in design; it can be used to span stage openings and is also compatible with the SC9600 bridge support system.


What are the Benefits of Relia System?
  1. Decreased labor costs. “Quick-Strike” design and easy-to-lift lightweight aluminum construction reduce set up and tear down time.
  2. Improved access and storage below deck. Up to 16′ span allows fewer supports for additional egress and storage space.
  3. Maximized inventory. Relia Beam is fully compatible with the SC9600 bridge support system.


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Relia Beam Photos

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Relia Beam