ABS750 Chairs

Give your guests/fans/patrons an over-the-top experience with our ABS750 chairs. The most lavish of all our portable folding chairs, the fully upholstered ABS750 offers the comfort of a fixed spectator seat with the convenience of being portable. You’ll find the ABS750 folding chair courtside at most NBA facilities as well as in black box theaters and any other space that requires the most luxurious portable seating. Available with or without leg covers.


  • Fully Upholstered
  • Plush Seat Back
  • Uplift Contour Foam Seat with Ultraflex Elastic Seat Webbing
  • Double Tube & Steel Frame – Provides strength, durability and flexibility.
  • Duraflex Action- Assures level seating on uneven surfaces by self-leveling.
  • Custom Options and Accessories Available
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ABS750 Chairs Photos

  • ABS750 Chair-1
  • ABS750 Chair-2
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ABS750 Chairs