Riser Platform

The Riser Platform is a lightweight platform, suitable for seating riser applications. Like our standard SC90® Platform, the Riser Platform is constructed with an extruded aluminum frame that is combined with a sturdy 3/4″ structural 1, grade 1 plywood substrate with an aluminum backer that provides a Class A fire rating. The Riser Platform is available in standard and custom sizes for both indoor and outdoor use. Standard sizes include 3′ x 8′ (.92 m x 2.44 m), 3′ x 6′ (.92 m x 1.83 m), 3’ x 4’ (92 m x 1.22 m), and 3’ x 3’ (.92 m x .92 m). A full line of accessories is available, as well as multiple surface options.


  • Strength
    • Constructed with 3/4″ (19 mm) marinetech plywood substrate containing virtually zero voids
    • Engineered to support 100 lbs/square foot of uniformly distributed live load
    • Class A fire rating provided by aluminum skin backer on platforms with HDPE surface
    • Top locking Roto-Locks provide monolithic floor when platforms are
      locked together
  • Durability & Efficiency
  • Variety
    • Multiple surface options available: HDPE (black or gray), commercial grade carpet (black or gray), unfinished plywood, painted plywood (black), Plyron (tempered hardboard), acrylic (clear or opaque)
  • Field Repairability
    • For those unavoidable accidents, repair/ replace only damaged part of platform (platform surface lid, side of extrusion, corner piece, etc.) – no need to replace entire platform
    • Repair on-site – no need to send back to factory for repairs


The Riser Platform is a single side, indoor and outdoor, weather-resistant, portable platform. Platform is designed to be fully field repairable, to function with all Staging Concepts’ supports, and to comply with the following:

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Riser Platform Photos

  • Riser Platform - Front Image
  • Riser Platform - Front Image
  • Riser Platform - Isometric Image
  • Riser Platform - Right Side Image
  • Riser Platform - Edge Image
  • Riser Platform - Lock Image
  • Riser Platform - Corner Image
Riser Platform