Moda® Seating Wagon

The Moda Seating Wagon incorporates a minimalist, highly-engineered design that provides a lightweight, yet sturdy seating solution for theatres and auditoriums. For busy performance venues, Moda is built with high-end casters to enable as few as two people to quickly and easily move into storage. To reduce noise, each wagon also features acoustical damping. Integral locks accessed from the top enable wagon sections to be connected together, without the use of custom tools.



• Hard panel skirting is provided for the perimeter of the wagon, with customizable finishes.
• Acoustical sound damping is applied to the underside of each wagon.
• Seats mount directly to the top of the wagon.
• The Moda Seating Wagon can be field cut to the exact shape of the area, while allowing fascia panels and railing to remain at the edge of the wagon.
• Customized hatch locations for electrical, HVAC, audio, video and other applications are available.
• The Moda Seating Wagon is entirely customizable to fit in any space or venue.

• Demountable railing is available for interchangeable use on pit lift or Moda Seating Wagon.
• Movable by as few as two people at once.
• Mobility allows for easy storage underneath your stage.

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Moda® Seating Wagon Photos

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Moda® Seating Wagon