Invisirail Guardrail

The Invisirail guardrail series is a lightweight, ornamental railing option from Staging Concepts. This specific railing is designed and constructed using acrylic, lexan or glass infill panels. The Invisirail series can be mounted as an independent railing or in combination with many other Staging Concepts’ railing options, making it a perfect choice where sightline and safety are a must.  The Invisirail’s acrylic infill is available in clear, clouded or a variety of colors.


To see how quickly and easily our guardrail system can be set up and removed, watch our video demonstration: Easy Guardrail Removal

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Invisirail Guardrail Photos

  • Invisirail Guardrail
  • Guardrail
  • Invisirail Guardrail Acrylic Infill
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  • taging Concepts Guardrail
  • Staging Concepts Guardrail
Invisirail Guardrail