Aluminum Barricade

Our lightweight Aluminum Crowd Control Barricade makes it easy to secure the perimeter of a crowd or large event. This barricade is durable and corrosion-resistant, making it a long-lasting and maintenance-friendly product.


The barricade requires only two people for easy installation. Our advanced corner gate allows for versatility, enabling you to set your barricades at any angle. Each section is equipped with a simple locking mechanism to effectively create a secure barricade that takes only minutes to assemble.


The Aluminum Crowd Control Barricade has a clear coat finish to prevent corrosion. There is an integral step on the rear of each barricade section for security personal to conduct crowd surveillance. Each barricade section can be compactly folded to fit most storage spaces. A Barricade Cart is also available for easy transport and storage.


Staging Concepts’ Heavy-Duty Aluminum Crowd Control Barricade complies with the following:

  • Material: Aluminum tubing, aluminum plate with aluminum mesh face
  • Corrosion resistant clear coat
  • Weight: 122 lbs

Crowd Control Barricades are also available in steel.

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Aluminum Barricade