A lightweight product weighing a total of 6 pounds, the Courier® is the perfect solution for conveniently transporting and storing platforms. The Courier platform transport is safe and easy to maneuver, and there are no tools required to assemble. This compact device easily attaches to Staging Concepts’ proprietary SC90 Platform aluminum rail, allowing a single user to make their stage portable without any tools or loose parts. This product is easily installed with the simple tightening of a hand knob.


The Courier can also be used to maximize storage space, since its unique design allows for storing SC90 Platforms in an upright position. This device can lock into place with a simple, locking caster— allowing you to store safely and effectively.


Transporting SC90 Platforms has never been easier— the Courier is ready to travel after the twist of a knob, making staging set up easy and fast. The Courier is built in our US facility, incorporating the finest materials available.

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