Caprice™ Acoustical Shell


Staging Concepts’ Caprice™ Folding Acoustical Shell Tower was specifically designed for performing art centers and educational facilities with limited storage space or venues that will use the shell in multiple locations within one building. Offering great value and acoustic performance, the Caprice conveniently folds down from its performance height to a reduced, compact height permitting it to fit through a standard doorway and/or down the hall. Its compact design makes it beneficial for storage or when setting up the shell in a new performance location.

The Caprice’s unique folding design is made possible with integrated gas spring assistance and a pivoting T-handle control bar. Equipped with four swivel casters, moving and positioning the Caprice is simple and is a great multi-purpose solution that can be a stand-alone product, or as part of a full stage system. Plus, the simplicity of not requiring any tools to operate the tower’s height makes for an easy setup for any user.

Available in two heights, 12′ and 16′ tall, the Caprice offers hassle-free movement. When in its folded position, the 12’ high performance shell can fit through a standard 36” W x 80” H doorway; and the 16’ high shell can fit through a 48” W x 9’6” H doorway. Customers can choose between 5’ or 6’ wide acoustical panels depending on their need. Panel finish options include high pressure laminate or painted. Built with all-aluminum frames, Caprice towers are considerably lighter weight than conventional steel options.


• Equipped with four swivel casters, maneuvering, transporting, and storing the Caprice is easy.
• With the T-handle control bar and integrated gas spring assistance, operating the height of the tower is safe and simple, even for a single user. As the tower begins to fold down, the gas spring engages to stop the movement and allow for operator clearance before slowly completing its decent.
• Multiple folding towers can nest into one another for even more compact storage. Simply remove the lowest panel of each tower and store behind the shell before nesting with other towers.
• The sleek design, two sizes and convenient transport of the towers allow for unique setups throughout any performance space, auditorium or gymnasium.



Short Caprice Acoustical Tower
· 5’ or 6’ tower width
· 12’ high performance position
· 78” folded height to pass through a 36” W x 80” H doorway
· 400 lbs.

Tall Caprice Acoustical Tower
· 5’ or 6’ tower width
· 16’ high performance position
· 9’ 4” folded height to pass through a 48” W x 9’ 6” H doorway
· 500 lbs.


**The Caprice is the LDI 2021 award winner of the Best Debuting Product in Staging and Rigging.**


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Caprice™ Acoustical Shell