The Staging Concepts Design-Build Process

Design, The Staging Concepts Design-Build Process

By: Alex McCallum, Regional Sales Manager

IMG_7939As a company that specializes in custom and design-build projects, we pride ourselves in being the staging equipment provider that ensures efficient and qualified service, from start to finish. We guarantee all of our customers full service in budgeting, custom drawings, manufacturing, project management and installation. Not only is it our duty to ensure that our equipment & services exceed our customer’s expectations, but also that we are holding ourselves to the same standards and continually improving. If you are thinking about a custom stage or seating riser for your theatre, school or church, we want to show you how the process works.

In this post we hope to show you how to go about getting a custom stage proposal, and what the process is from order placement all the way to the installation of your product.

IMG_7946The first step in this process is to contact a Staging Concepts representative to discuss your venue and ideas for your space. Starting with your vision, we can advise you on the best possible layout and product options. If you have multiple types of events or performances planned for your venue, we can help conceptualize all of the different layouts you will need to create a versatile and adaptable space. From there, we will put your ideas on paper and provide you with detailed drawings, as well as a budget proposal for all of the equipment you would need to fulfill those custom designs.

IMG_7958If the proposal is accepted, depending on the level of customization needed, there may need to be a site measurement scheduled to ensure our proposed designs will fit exactly the way you are envisioning in your space. If you have architectural drawings or blueprints for your space, that can help move along this process or alleviate the need for a site measurement all together. When we have approved measurements, one of our experienced and talented Staging Concepts engineers will design and develop all of the layouts per the exact measurements. After that, a final fabrication submittal drawing will provided for your approval prior to the actual fabrication of your equipment. Once we have that final approval for the design, fabrication begins and your equipment will ship shortly thereafter.

It all starts with your ideas, and it is our job to make them a reality. We specialize in realizing the most custom and creative ideas in the industry and are always looking for new challenges. If you are interested in learning more about what you can do for your space, contact a Staging Concepts Representative today!