The Platform Guide

Platform, The Platform Guide

Choosing The Perfect Platform For Your Event

By: Blake Stromme, Regional Sales Manager

Staging Concepts executes highly custom projects with a specialized focus on engineering and the customer’s need. While this degree of customization is essential to providing the best solutions for varying project demands, the process of honing in on a particular configuration can be daunting for a first time buyer. Thankfully, there are a few considerations that will bring the appropriate options to the forefront of the decision-making process.


platform surface optionsThe first consideration when shopping for platforms should be the conditions the stage will be placed in. If it will be periodically set up for outdoor events, the black polyvinyl SC90 Platform constructed with a 1” marine grade plywood provides an excellent weather-resistant option suited for both indoor and outdoor events.  For extended outdoor use or regular exposure to inclement weather, substituting aluminum for a plywood core is recommended. Used mainly in the sports arena, the all-aluminum SC97 Platform offers durable, all-weather performance perfect for sports stadiums and venues. For events with an emphasis on acoustics, the newly redesigned WeatherTec Platform* is completely weather resistant, using an aluminum honeycomb core to ensure that rain, cold weather, and humidity do not affect the integrity of the stage. With superior sound dampening relative to an aluminum plank platform and numerous surface options, this platform is a versatile outdoor counterpart to standard SC90 platforms.


Platforms specifically for indoor use are offered in a variety of surface options. SC90 polyvinyl and carpet surface platforms deliver a professional aesthetic while retaining long lasting durability—a natural fit for concert halls, performing arts theatres, schools, and places of worship. For a more flexible option geared towards performing arts, a sanded plyron surface allows the end user to refinish and tailor the color of the platforms on the fly, as dictated by their upcoming productions. When planning for upscale events or platforms sure to impress any client, specialty surfaces such as clouded or clear acrylic can be paired with lighting to create dazzling stages ideal for hotels, clubs, and special event venues.


SC90 Surface OptionsTwo more important factors to consider are storage and transportation restrictions. While standard 4’ x 8’ platforms are the most cost effective and reduce the setup time required, their size and weight can be prohibitive depending on the venue and available help. By breaking each individual platform into smaller modular sizes, customers can achieve the same desired configuration while easing the storage footprint and workforce requirements.


(*As of 2019, the Weathertec® platform is no longer in production or available for sale.)