SC Tech Talk: Stress Testing Our Barricades

Stress Testing, SC Tech Talk: Stress Testing Our Barricades


By: Travis Raida, Director of Engineering

Staging Concepts offers crowd control barricades in both aluminum and steel. We’re always conscious of customer safety and strive to offer durable, long-lasting products which our customers can use for years.  To back up our professional engineering, we had our barricades tested by an independent testing company.  A load was applied by a hydraulic ram at the top of each barricade and the force and deflection were recorded.  The steel barricade testing was terminated at 2,000 pounds of force applied at the top rail without the barricade failing.  The aluminum barricade withstood over 1,400 pounds force before welds started to fail.

20170210_095450Comparing these results to the loading requirements for four foot wide guardrail, and the crowd barricades are equivalent or exceed guardrail requirements. Guardrail loads, per international building code, need to meet 200 pounds of force per linear foot.  That equals 800 pounds for a four foot wide guardrail.  Since the barricades were able to withstand 1400 pounds and over 2000 pounds, they adequately meet railing requirements.

Staging Concepts’ Heavy-Duty Crowd Control Barricade is manufactured to withstand the most demanding circumstances of any venue. These lightweight, steel and aluminum constructed barricade sections only require two people for set up and takedown. In addition, each section is equipped with the most effective – and yet the most simple – locking mechanism on the market, so that barricade walls of all sizes take only minutes to assemble. Each section can be folded compactly to fit almost any storage space. Staging Concepts’ modular Crowd Control Barricades are sure to complement any performance.