Staging Concepts at LHAT

Staging Concepts, Staging Concepts at LHAT

by Alex McCallum, Regional Sales Manager

The League of Historic American Theatre’s (LHAT) annual conference is specifically meant to provide resources and knowledge from theatre professionals to help maintain and restore historic theatres across the United States. The show is made up of multiple networking/brainstorming events, historic theatre site visits, and an exhibition of equipment and resources for theatres thinking of or currently going through a renovation. The purpose of LHAT is “to champion the preservation, restoration and operation of historic theatres” (taken from the LHAT mission statement).

The annual conference was in Nashville this year featuring tours and case studies of the War Memorial Auditorium, Ryman Auditorium, and the Belcourt Theatre. Music City has a lot to offer in the way of the performing arts and we enjoyed learning about the importance of creating flexible spaces that allow historic theatres to operate an increasing number of days to maximize revenue.

We took the opportunity to help solve issues faced by Technical Directors, Theatre Consultants, and Theatre Architects  and helped lend our expertise in portable platforms and acoustic shells. A few of the popular topics discussed were Stage Traps, Orchestra Pit Fillers, Black Box Seating Risers, Seating Wagons, and our new Bravado Acoustical Shell. Many of the Technical Directors at the show were going through renovations themselves, so we offered our ideas on the best ways to create flexible space while still maintaining the historic nature of each unique space.

Staging Concepts is excited to be a part of the LHAT community and is looking forward to continuing to help support the restoration and preservation of historic theatres across the nation! To learn more about portable staging and acoustical shells, please contact a Staging Concepts sales expert today at 763.533.2094 or email.