Spring 2016 Facility Manager’s Magazine: Staging Concepts Engineering

Engineering, Spring 2016 Facility Manager’s Magazine: Staging Concepts Engineering

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Staging Concepts’ In-House Engineers Set the Standard for Success

The SC90 Platform, named after the year of Staging Concepts’ inception in 1990, remains the high end standard in the industry today. The SC90 is a testament to the high quality engineering and design that is incorporated into all of Staging Concepts’ products. Today, the company has evolved from a building material supplier into a completely custom, highly innovative staging design leader that has conquered projects such as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, the Madison Square Garden and Target Field. With an incredibly talented in-house engineering department, Staging Concepts grows each year and continues to raise the bar for performing arts, sports and worship venues worldwide.

Custom Design Solutions

The ability to provide custom design solutions sets Staging Concepts apart. With a team of approximately 20 in-house engineers, the company offers services that yield exceedingly successful and dependable results.

“With our internal team of degreed and Professional Engineers, we have the ability to jump into a project and take an out-of-the-box approach, performing every conceivable task—from detailed 3D drawings to structural analysis and calculations, including PE stamps in 48 of the 50 states. This distinguishes us from most of our competitors,” said Jon Chase, Vice President of Engineering at Staging Concepts. “Our engineers actively offer the customers their custom, professional recommendations prior to project award—an advantage for both the customer and Staging Concepts.”

Staging Concepts employs two full-time Professional Engineers (PE) in addition to more than 15 other skilled drafters and engineers. This is a key differentiator, because professional engineers must go through multiple layers of education and testing to be qualified to officially “stamp” a project, a certification of approval issued upon licensure by the state.

The leading Professional Engineer on staff, Tony Barnes, reviews every project before it is installed. With the ability to provide this kind of verification, Staging Concepts not only assumes more responsibility in the sales and design process, but also hopes to gain more trust from its customers.

“It’s rewarding to work with a variety of disciplines in a team effort to obtain new work and help our customers on current jobs. I also enjoy assisting in developing innovative products that make a positive impact on the way end-users and architects view Staging Concepts’ products,” said Barnes.

From Conception to Completion

In 2015, Staging Concepts helped Jacksonville State University (JSU) in Alabama renovate their basketball arena, Pete Mathews Coliseum. Part of Staging Concepts’ scope of work included the design, manufacture and installation of entirely new seating risers for the stadium, which greatly improved sight lines and provided comfortable chair back seating overlooking the new court. This was made possible through a concerted effort between the company’s engineering, design, sales and project management teams, ultimately helping make JSU’s vision a reality.

“The team at Staging Concepts and the installation crew that was here was absolutely outstanding. They came down the week before materials were delivered and took a look at the schematics, drawings, and existing conditions. Typical to construction of this magnitude, there will be many small conflicts that must be resolved.  The installation crew, given their experience, was able to identify and address many of these conflicts before the first fastener was installed. If they weren’t as experienced and professional as they were, we certainly wouldn’t have finished when we did,” JSU Director of Physical Plant David Thompson said.

On every project, Staging Concepts is capable of turning a vision into reality—whether that vision comes in the form of detailed plans and specifications, a rough sketch or a photo. Staging Concepts then works closely with the client to ensure the scope, details and functionality of the equipment meets their expectations.

“Our sales team communicates in a highly refined and detailed manner with both the engineers and our customers to ensure the client’s vision is fully realized,” said Staging Division Vice President Bob Randall.

With 95% of their design work being completely custom, the engineering team at Staging Concepts is constantly innovating and building on their core products like the SC90 Platform. The breadth of experience its in-house team of engineers has allowed Staging Concepts to complete unique and unconventional projects that would have otherwise been impossible to complete. Click here to see the full JSU Project.