Ring Masters of Staging

Ring, Ring Masters of Staging

In service since 1969 in Mexico, a small family owned business, Circo Vazquez, has now turned into a successful iconic form of entertainment all over the country. While this circus originated in Mexico, it now operates mainly in Texas. It was very exciting, when an experienced Circus company like them decided to give a new face to their circus and chose Staging Concepts to get the job done. Steve Jobs had once said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower!” and Staging Concepts did just that! We accepted this unique project and lived up to its reputation for innovation and customization.

The requirement was to completely replace their current central ring, ring barrier and the platforms around it. When the final highly customized design was ready, it comprised of a central custom rolled aluminum extrusion ring barrier, made out of 17 large sections of a circle, about 400 standard and custom decks, 1600 SC90 support legs,  several heavy duty ramps and the incorporation of a highly customized use of heavy duty black rubber mat, namely Animat, on 228 custom stage platforms. Animat is a specialized recycled rubber flooring that has been used for more than 25 years. It’s extensively used in the dairy and horse industries as anti-fatigue mats and floor protection in commercial and industrial areas. This was clearly an innovative application of this mat in this industry.

circus stage platforms

Once the design was finalized, the challenges began. A team of designers, project managers and a production team worked together on a rigorous schedule to make this happen on the scheduled timeline. Around 150 design hours, thousands of management and production hours, numerous packing hours and five full-size truckloads later, the product was delivered on site to a very happy customer. Staging Concepts provided very easy set-up instructions for the onsite crew, detailing every single platform number, color coding the thousand plus legs and also letting the customer know what they should be expecting on each truck. The overall delivery and installation went smooth and the customer was ready for their show.