Revolutionizing Commonwealth Stadium Part II

Edmonton, Revolutionizing Commonwealth Stadium Part II

Last week, we gave you a preview to a project that is shaking up the sports world and revolutionizing the Stadium Space: The Commonwealth Stadium for Edmonton.

tTHE PROJECT:  Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, home to the Canadian Football League powerhouse and 2015 CFL champions – The Edmonton team.  Even when their fans thought their game couldn’t get any more exciting, Staging Concepts will be providing an innovative new riser system that will undoubtedly enhance the spectator experience for the upcoming 2016 season.  By eliminating large sections of fixed stadium seats and replacing them with expanded, free-flowing viewing platforms, we can eliminate these spatial restrictions for those of us who prefer a more relaxed, open and social experience.  For the lucky fans in Edmonton who prefers a little more room to cheer on the green and gold.

Starting from the very front rows of Section FF and Section NN in Commonwealth Stadium and going up 15 rows (size total size of each section being about 1,790 square feet), all of the stadium seats will be permanently removed for the upcoming 2016 season and replaced with a customized version of Staging Concepts’ all-aluminum SC97 Platform system.  By implementing these specialized viewing decks, the physical “assigned” space for a single spectator will be increased from around 4.5 square feet to an average of 242 square feet!  For each of the upgraded seating sections, where there used to be around 300 tightly packed seats, there will now be seven levels of completely open viewing decks measuring an average of 5.5 feet wide x 44 feet long.  And far short of making any sort of labor-intensive renovations, the concrete tiers where the seats once stood will simply be covered by custom-fit modular platforms constructed using high-strength, weather-proofed structural aluminum.  The platforms will also be secured along the rear with minimally invasive wall anchors, and the support structure reinforced in such a way as to match the strength and stability of the poured concrete tiers upon which they’ll stand.

“But…” say you, “Where will I put my cold brew and poutine?  Surely I won’t want my hands occupied for the entirety of this game!”  Worry not, sports fans!  Beyond the 26 years of providing custom platforms and riser system solutions, Staging Concepts’ also has extensive experience designing and fabricating top-tier architectural railing systems for a great number of high-profile stadiums and venues around North America… so we’ve got that covered as well.  Along the front of each of these new open fan sections will be a sleek, custom-designed and reinforced railing system with a built-in continuous drink rail along the top for placing whatever it is that would otherwise prevent you from waving your arms wildly in utter excitement.

Is this the beginning of a sports fan revolution?   That may be overstating it… but this solution is and will continue to be available form Staging Concepts for any stadium or sports venue in need of shaking things up and appealing to a wider range of fans – from the hobby statisticians on one end of the fan spectrum to the free-spirited social butterflies who also enjoy the ambiance of a professional sports match.

Interested?  Contact Staging Concepts today and one of our project consultants will be happy to chat with you about a solution specific to your venue.  All of our systems are designed and manufactured for a perfect custom fit to any seating area regardless of size or shape, and without the crippling cost of a total renovation.  Let Staging Concepts help you elevate the spectator experience for your upcoming season and see how much your fans will love it!